Immortalize your Dead Heroes in Death Saves

By Polar_Bear
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Sep 16th, 2014
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Death Saves is an upcoming comic dedicated to heroes that have passed in spectacular ways. They’re looking for submissions now.
I know it’s a little different from what TGN usually posts, but it seems like a neat thing and potentially rather humorous.
Check it out.

Save or Die


From them to you:

DEATH SAVES is a comic book anthology dedicated to our favorite dead RPG characters. Whether it be through player error, a Dungeon Master’s contempt, or simply bad luck too many heroes have been taken from us prematurely. Here we celebrate the horrific fates that meet all fantasy warriors in the end.

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  • Soulfinger

    Wow! You can submit your story, or even a fully illustrated comic, and get absolutely no compensation whatsoever. What a great deal! They aren’t even offering a free copy of the comic when/if it funds on KS, which is the perfect platform for raising money to pay contributors. I’m doing a similar project. It’s an art book, or maybe I’ll use the art for other projects, so send me all of your artwork so that I can own it and give you nothing in return. It’s great exposure, and we all know that your creative work is worthless anyway, not like real work. I hope this guy gets stuck in an elevator with Amanda Palmer for twenty-four hours.