Immortal preview transfers and Babylonian miiatures

Immortal Miniatures have posted photos of their upcoming Greek Hoplite transfers and Babylonion miniatures.

From their announcement:

Greek Transfers on the way
Its been a long wait for myself, I started drawing and researching these last summer! after struggling to find a printing company able to reproduce the designs, it looks like we are very close to being able to release them.

Each design on the sheet is 100% authentic; having been carefully drawn by hand from real hoplite shield iconography to provide the most accurate shield transfers available for your Greek army.

Each sheet contains 160 individual designs, 72 of which are unique. You can see a few more here.

Babylonian Preview
I’ve just sent these Aramaean skirmishers off to be cast. The Arameans were a semi-nomadic group of people living in and around Southern and Eastern Mesopotamia. They lived in a tribal society and never were ‘urbanized’ to the extent that the Chaldeans were. They were a common enemy and ally for the Assyrians, Israelites, Arabs and Elamites. They also took part in inter-tribal conflicts and fought with their neighboring Chaldaens and Babylonians.

Each figure will be provided with a shield and a spear/javelin.

I am working on a Chaldean Sheik in a two horse chariot, some more Arabs (camels have been very popular.)and more Elamites for this range over the next couple of months. More on those soon.