Immortal announce plastic Classical Greek Hoplites

Immortal Miniatures have posted details of a new set of plastic Ancients figures, the Classical Greek Hoplites.

From their website:

This box will contain 24 hard plastic hoplites, bases and new water slide transfers. This set will be priced at £12.

The main frame of figures is the same as the Ancient Greek Hoplites set, but included is a new frame with new bodies (later bronze armour and un armoured with exposed shoulder) and a variety of helmet styles, including the many shapes of Pilos, Phrygian, Thracian and Boeotian that appeared over the decades.

With this box you will be able to build a phalanx of hoplites to represent those who fought from the start of the Peloponnesian war until the death of Alexander, including Athens, Thebes (who’s equipment looked no different to the rest of the Greek hoplites), Syracuse and the enemies and ally’s of the Persian empire.

On sale the first week of September 2010. More information and photos to follow shortly