iello Posts New Pre-Release Policy For Games

I know how it is. We all want to be the first. When a new game or model is released, we want it right away. So we find out whatever way will be the fastest and go for it. Being first makes us feel special. So a lot of people will pre-order things online in order to be the first gamer on their block with the new game or model when it’s available. Well, the folks at iello still think that’s cool, but they also want to help out Gaming Stores. That’s why they’ve announced a new policy for releasing new games.

Starting with this next batch of releases, all new releases will be sent to brick-and-mortar gaming stores two weeks before they’re sent out to online retailers. This is also tied in with iello’s Promo Promotions program. The idea is to get people back into the gaming shops. They’re the lifeblood of our hobby and it’s sad to see one go under because everyone’s just buying stuff online.


  • J Dubb

    This is kind of ridiculous…I am not sure how it is in the US, but Iello has no clue how much my 2 LGS are charging for their games here in Canada. I am in a smaller city located a ways from any major centers and they jack the prices up 30% from the MSRP. I do support them for smaller purchase and gaming accessories, but how can they justify that I pay those ridiculous prices on the more expensive games!? I recently picked up Above and Below from my Online Gaming Store for $43.95…my LGS wants $68.95.
    The online stores I use are brick and mortar LGS that also ship across Canada, so I am curious as to how this move will affect companies like them.

    • Well, if it’s a brick-and-mortar location, I’d think they’d get their product first. As for the intricacies of then selling some of that product online, I’m not really sure.

      Worse comes to worse, you can still get the products online. It’s not like they’re shutting online retailers out of the loop. It’s just a 2 week delay.

      And I know everyone here is really excited about games and such, but 2 weeks honestly isn’t that long a wait.

    • Chris Nelson

      It’s not ridiculous your just impatient and no I don’t have easy access to a LGS so this does effect me. You will still get your games at the lower price and two weeks is not a long wait. I know that the game publishers are trying to create incentive for people to go to LGS, but in all honesty I don’t really see any of this helping.

    • James Cowling

      So wait two weeks and get it cheaper (until Iello starts cracking down on deep discounting, too.)

      Above and Below should have a Canadian retail price of $74.95. If your local shop is selling at $68.95, that’s a very good price, and about 10% under MSRP. At $43.95, that’s $6.30 over wholesale, not even including your store’s cost to have it shipped to them.

      That kind of pricing is predatory and unsustainable. I’d like to see ‘shops’ like that refused trade by manufacturers.

  • bouncergriim

    This seems like one of the better compromises on the LGS vs online discounter that I have seen. It doesn’t deny you cheap games, just makes wait to get them at that price. Or pay a premium to get them faster and support a local business and possibly were you will play the games anyway.

  • Tom

    Not everyone is so fortunate as to have a LGS within a reasonable radius.

    • So… you get your game online 2 weeks later.

      • Tom

        I’ll bet that they still sell games prior to their released date at GenCon. Seems hypocritical to claim that early releases to online retailers hurt brick and mortar when you are running a booth selling early releases at a Con.

        • And Gen Con being for 4 days a year and being accessible to what is actually a reaaaaaaaally small percentage of the gaming population, versus a webstore that’s online 24/7 and available to anyone with an internet connection doesn’t change that at all?

          • Tom

            You cannot justify hypocrisy by quantifying it. Iello’s actions are like a child’s response when why cannot control their environment. They are lashing out blindly. No one buys from an online retailer to get the product earlier they buy from online retailers due to the deep discounts they offer. Because iello cannot legally set the prices for online retailers they are in effect targeting them for retribution by limiting supply while at the same time doing the very actions they claim are hurting these brick and mortar stores. Many of the large online retailers also have retail brick and mortar locations to get around GW rules as well, so as I stated it’s a childish reaction that in reality will have no impact other than to purely online retailers like Amazon who if they drop iello in response will hurt the business more than the loss of a few brick and mortar locations.