ICv2 posts Gears of War HeroClix preview

ICv2 have posted several previews of figures from the upcoming Gears of War HeroClix game.

From their website:

In August WizKids is releasing Gears of War HeroClix, a new series of 10 HeroClix figures based on Epic Games’ popular Gears of War video game. The individual figures are blind-box packaged and come in a 24-count countertop display. The first HeroClix Gears of War series includes five members of Delta Squad and five of the most dangerous Locust enemies who are attempting to take over the planet Sera.
This Preview includes photos of two members of Delta Squad, Cole and Dominic, as well as one of the five Locust creatures included in the set, Raam.

  • KaneBlaireau

    YES! Right before WizKids went under, I was telling my friend who worked there that this would be a dream come true for me. Even if only for GoW minis. Inspires me to get back to writing that skirmish game based on GoW…

  • SirAngry

    Wow it might be a dream come true for some but boy are those some seriously ugly looking mini’s. I’m a HUGE fan of GoW but boy they’re bad. I’ll be steering well clear.

  • Morf

    I would bet my money they will be good when you strip the paint, I did it with a lot of clix, including Helboy set only to find out how awesome detail is hidden behind 1 mm of paint.

  • SirAngry, I have to agree with you.
    Awesome videogame, but poorly executed minis here.

    Morf, I’d be VERY curious to know how you strip the paint on clix …

    At some point, FFG had a project for a GoW boardgame, anyone knows something about it, or has it been canceled ?

    • Morf

      There are couple of plastic types that they use, so try it out on something cheap first: I gave them a bath in regular acetone (English?), worked well on Hellboy set and horror clix lovecraftian models.

  • Berning22

    My guess is Epic told FFG to stop production until GOW3 is released, therefore we should see it Sept 20th. We will probably see if at Gen Con.
    I agree those figs are not looking good, but they are only $3/piece.

    • Zac

      My guess is Epic told FFG to stop production until GOW3 is released

      I suspect that the game got cancelled. It was partially announced at GenCon 2008 and then there was no further word on the game.

  • How do you randomize 10 unique figures? Only 10? Seems limited for what the licensing probably cost.

  • Thanks Morf, I’ll have a careful try.
    I’ve always been curious to see what clix really looked like under their 5mm-thick layer of paint 🙂

    In the case of General Raam’s mini, painting can’t be used as an excuse …

    Regarding this FFG GoW boardgame … I also doubt the “delay” on this project is relative to GoW3’s release (it was indeed already announced before GoW2, then all communications ceased).
    A pity, FFG never even told us what kind of game it was.

  • (Indeed, Morf, your acetone method works very well. I guess I never dared to try it because I feared instant meltdown of my clix … thanks for this tip)

  • Morf

    Carefully tested on dime-priced samples 🙂