ICv2 interviews Andre Kieran about Citadel Finecast

ICv2 did an interview with Games Workshop’s Andre Kieran about their Finecast range.

From the website:

Industry insider, ICv2, interviews Games Workshop’s Trade Manager Andre Kieran at GAMA about Citadel Finecast, 9 months into its release.

  • GreenJello

    Very unsatisfied with his comments about the quality issues. I still can go into FLGS, pick up a random Finecast figure, and find multiple air-bubbles and other problems with it. Sadly, this is exactly what I and other people have said would be the case when Finecast was first announced. Resin isn’t as nice as metal, or their quality plastic kits. Just not acceptable for product that costs less to manufacture, but it sold at a higher price than their metal figures.

    I haven’t bought anything from GW since this fiasco, and I won’t until I can see a marked improvement in their process. Putting out a product to fix your other products flaws isn’t an acceptable answer.

  • Cherno

    Well, he does mention the liquid greenstuff they sell. Seems like a genius move, producing faulty miniatures for a high price so the customer needs to buy their repair paste, too. Pure gold!

  • scarletsquig

    Interesting to have it confirmed that the liquid greenstuff and other tools were in fact created as a response to finecast flaws.

  • Cherno

    When the quality issue is brought up, he makes the smart move to not mention the bubbles at all, rather straying off to the minor melting point issue that nobody wants to hear about =)

  • Mananarepublic

    I am torn about finecast – when you get good casts the product is amazing and is evrything they promise. And I do like their resin better than the resin that is being used by PP (and the old Alkemy stuff.) But the problem is that every other sculpt is horribly bent or misscast… a lot of times it feels like there just wasn’t enough resin in the mold to fill up the cast… The worst example I have is of the Ninja ogre – the skin is so blotchy that his whole body looks like it’s filled with serious acne… feet and blades look corroded and they whole model is full of airbubbles.. I would have sent it back in a heartbeat if I hadn’t gotten it from my LGS and they looked horrified at the chance of me wanting to trade the mini..

    Right now G-dubb is re-tooling the finecast process and I hope that this means the casts will come out better – it is a shame that all the new sculpts (which I think are generally awesome) would be subject to such a poor manufacturing process…


    PS: Confrontation is coming back but the game is going to be handled by CMON so I have high hopes.

    • kalamadea

      You should have returned the ogre. For all their faults, GW customer service is fantastic, and you can get a replacement direct no matter where you purchased it. A damaged box is all on your LGS, but a miscast or missing pieces is a manufacturer error and the company itself is responsible. You can either call GW directly or take it in to your LGS. It’s more of a hassle for you and your LGS, but not much and it doesn’t cost the shop anything.

      If you take it back to your LGS they talk to their sales rep when they place their order for the week and it gets included in their normal shipment, but they then either have to get your contact info so they can call you when it comes in and store it somewhere till you get a chance to pick it up or else they have to grab a replacement off their shelves (if they have a replacement) but then they don’t have that item to sell until their restock comes in. Plus you’re out the gas it takes to drive down there. Doing it direct through GW (just call their mail order service) they’ll ship it direct to your home. It’s easier on everyone, but believe me, customers get really (and understandably) annoyed when they come all the way back down to the shop and you tell them the best course of action is to call the company.

    • metalsifter

      I think you are confusing the PVC plastic PP uses for their Warjacks, Man o War and Bastions etc for being resin. It’s a type of PVC Plastic. The material the Battle Engines are made of is a 2 part resin, like Finecast only better. 😉

      Just as with resin models, is you get a bent part hold it under hot water to soften it, straighten it out, then run it under cold water to set it. Works just great.

    • odinsgrandson

      I have honestly not found any improvements in the Finecast resin process when compared against other resin kits. In fact, if anything, other manufacturers seem to get better results, and better quality control than Games Workshop (Studio McVey, Wyrd, etc).

      I’m still rather annoyed to see that GW hasn’t fixed the process of making quality resin miniatures. In general, resin is a better medium than pewter, but when I’m getting GW minis, I pretty much always prefer the pewter versions of them.

    • AoM

      If you ask a chemist, all plastics are technically resin. That said, the material Kraken and Privateer Press used/use for their plastic models was never billed as resin. It has always been billed as plastic. Unless you’re talking about the battle engines, which I haven’t seen first hand.

      Just sayin’…

      • mathieu

        If you ask a chemist, all plastics are technically resin.

        Not at all. Resins are a particular kind of plastic material, and there are many other plastics that do not share any of the properties and aren’t “technically” or otherwise resin.

  • TGN Ross

    Clearly comments cannot be left on this news item. Comments should stay about the article and not personal attacks.

  • Sejanus

    Silk purse from a sows ear yet the emperor has no clothes…bottom line is that GW is reaming customers.

  • Not a particularly in-depth interview – a mere four questions. Barely seems newsworthy to me.

  • Kane

    I don’t see why they can’t do the full range in plastic – cost of tooling is the usual reason given but if they can afford to tool up for a limited edition game (Dreadfleet/Space Hulk) it doesn’t seem to hold water …

  • That new Bones range from Reaper sounds like what Finecast should have been. Same detail as metal miniatures, lower production cost passed on to the customer.