ICv2 2011 first quarter miniature game top five list

ICv2 have posted the Top 5 Non-Collectible Miniature Lines for the first quarter of 2011. Normally this isn’t something that we post here since ICv2 have, for years, included a defunct game from Reaper Miniatures in their top 5 list. This year they appear to have corrected their data and the first top 5 list for 2011 includes a very surprising range in fifth place.

  • Does anyone know what these ratings are based on? I subscribe to the ICv2 newsletter and it never says if these are based on net/gross income, or units sold.

    I’m mostly curious about their RPG list, which constantly has WFRP3 on the list (which is awesome), but I’m curious if it’s based on profit, or units.

    • ‘Kay, it doesn’t list WFRP3 this quarter, but my question still stands…

  • maxxev

    lol, love their accuracy, Apparently in Q3 last year Fantasy flight games published WHFB, NOT games workshop….

    • It could still be true that those products published by FFG were sold more than the GW version…if that’s the case.

      • keltheos

        yup. FFG publishes three boardgames for GW, three (soon to be four) RPGs for GW, and a LCG. So yeah, that makes sense.

  • keltheos

    Sorry, make that four soon to be five RPGs.

  • PanzerKraken

    The data is similar to NPD data for video games and such in that it’s incomplete and is compiled from a bunch of retail and mainly distributor data but not from all retailers. Warlord from reaper was often counted simply because they sold tons of figures under the Warlord brand even though few actually played the game and the figs were mostly being bought for RPG use.

    I would imagine Flames of War would really be in the top 5 at least beating out Malifaux, but Battlefront handles their own distribution and that data is not being given to ICv2 likely.

    • PanzerKraken

      Also not sure one should call Warlord defunct as it’s still is supported and Reaper continues to demo it at cons.

      • Zac

        Didn’t call Warlord defunct. They used to register sales against the precursor to Warlords.