I think I saw one of these in my kitchen once

XenoShyft has another piece of art to show off for the game and a bit more of a world-teaser text.



From the post:

It would appear that “The Hive” may have at one point been low-level insectoids or other various scavenger species before the induction of Xenosathem into their ecosystem. Once this occurred, as is usual with prolonged exposure to the raw material, their aggression, size, and metabolism increased.

This, coupled with a unique interspecies diversity (It seems each sub-species has evolved to fill a specific role within the colony) has led to a swift evolution into a new form of apex predator.

Though initial reports are still inconclusive, the survey crew has indeed found some shocking pieces of evidence that point toward advanced life having existed on the planet before The Hive’s exposure to the crystals.

– Initial Review of Planet Designation R72a12

  • Soulfinger

    This Hive creature’s specific role seems to be standing in front of the camera whenever someone announces, “Say cheese!” Also, it works as a chin double for Bruce Campbell.

  • Jon F

    Hive creatures versus armoured spaceborne infantry? It’s a concept fresh out of left-field, but it just might work.

  • Ok. That’s fine.

    Continuing in my effort to pull up the comment level and conversation on the site:

    What would you have preferred to see instead? Yes, the concept has been used before, but it fits well with the game mechanics (which I know you don’t know… but I do 😀 ). Is there something else you think it should be?

  • Jon F

    I dunno… zombies maybe?

    I kid.

    Aliens that at least look more alien, like Gates of Antares appears to have, so the look at least is novel?

    Creatures more like those in David Drake’s “Redliners”, where the jungle really does come alive? Ambush plants, pod people, tank-sized [spoiler]… That’d give you a hive-like intelligence without just being “big ant”, “big wasp”, “big beetle”. Again.

    What do the game mechanics support? Swarm of knife-fighters versus thin red line of shooters?

    I’d like to see a game that was severely asymmetrical in how units were commanded on the table (not merely in how they killed). Maybe Tomorrow’s War could give me that, but I never did grok the action/reaction/op-fire/counter-reaction/counter-counter-reaction.. system.

    • Necroloid

      First this is a card game(Mentioned by the creator on Dakka or Warseer, cant remember), second as long as it does not involve danish cheese traders as the theme, I am happy!!

      • darkendlight

        You are correct in that it is a type of card game. And you will happy to know it does not involve danish cheese traders.

        • Be fair, the rules aren’t 100% finalized yet. If we got a lot of feedback from people wanting to add Danish cheese traders to the game, it could still be done.

  • n815e

    Gates of Antares’ “aliens” are humans that have evolved in specific ways adapted to the new environments of their various colonized planets.