I, Robot stand-ins available to order from Forge World

By Polar_Bear
In 40K
Jan 24th, 2014

Forge World is taking orders for two new automaton units over in their webshop. They’ve got the Tech-Thralls with Las-Locks and the Castellax Battle-Automata.


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  • While they are nice minis I can’t help but think the Tech Thralls should be in a squad of 10 (the size needed for a playable squad) and that £50 is a hell of a lot for a 35pt squad.

    I’d just convert up some Chaos Cultists and save myself a lot of mulla. Perhaps they’d have been better to have done a conversion set for IG or the (rumoured) multi-part cultists.

  • Hmm… I think I need to look at the forgeworld offerings as these are mighty nice.