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By Polar_Bear
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Oct 14th, 2014

KnA Games has relaunched their Kickstarter campaign for Space Movers, their sci-fi board game.

Space Movers


From the campaign:

Are you ready to go on an adventure?

Space Movers is a cooperative science fiction board game adventure. As a player, you become a crew member of the spaceship Liberty. Together, you and your fellow crew mates will complete a series of objectives to win the game. Sounds easy, right? Well, there’s a bit more to the game. Every turn, you lose a resource from the Resource Bar on the board. If this ever reaches the bottom, you will lose the game. The way to replenish resources is to deliver cargo. You’ll be burning resources as you travel around the board to make this happen. Still, not so hard. But…quite often the evil UO Scout ship will appear to chase you across the system in an attempt to interrogate one of your crew members and temporarily remove them from the game. Each time they show up, a UO Eye Marker is added to the planet the Liberty is located on and these are tracked by a UO Presence bar on the board. If this ever reaches the top, you lose the game. Now things are getting interesting. Just when you think you have everything under control, you draw an Event card that prevents you from being able to move Liberty or one that doubles the UO Scout ship’s movement on the board. So if you can manage all that and a few other surprises while completing those objectives, you win Space Movers!

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  • Soulfinger

    This time you know it will succeed because they need $15k less to fund production for a game that costs $10 less than it did last time they tried. I hope they left enough wiggle room for unforeseen production expenses.

    • 4tonmantis

      From what I can tell there are no miniatures (unless they hit that stretch goal). The bulk of the work and money looks like art and printing press. Just from the bits of research I have done I can’t help but wonder what kind of print order they’re anticipating with a 20k goal. Just at a rough scratch 20k works out to about 363 US/UK orders of the base game (at $55 per unit).
      It seems kinda weird though because you have 7 characters but only a couple of ships, yet everything appears to be set on a planetary scale. I dunno, the whole thing seems kinda wonky to me.