Hysterical Games open their webstore and announce Skogtrolls

By Polar_Bear
In Alternate History
Apr 18th, 2016

It’s always great when I hear news about Kickstarter campaigns delivering to their backers. Sure, a lot of them are, unfortunately, late. There’s a lot of campaigns that do ship on time. Then you’ve got the cases of campaigns shipping early. That’s somewhat rare, and I think it’s awesome and should be pointed out. As such, I say to you that Hysterical Games has delivered to their backers 6 months early and now have Wave 1 of their releases available in their brand new webshop.

Along with that announcement is the announcement of a new race for Panzerfauste. They’re the Skogtrolls. They’re forest trolls that live in Skogmark. Their lives are tough, though, as they’re having to constantly try and repel assaults by the Dwarves. The Skogtrolls are, basically, Norwegians in Panzerfauste.


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