Hydra Miniatures: New Releases and Sizzlin’ Summer Sale

Hydra Miniatures has themselves a sale going on in this summer heat. Also, they’ve got a bunch of new releases. Check ’em all out!

From them to you:

Hydra Miniatures is excited to announce the following new products are available now in our online store:

Retro Raygun
-Optio (robot squad leader)
-Queen Mechanika
-Robot Legionnaire Command Squad

War Rocket
-Space Pirate class 3
-Space Pirate class 4

Primal Dawn
-Ugg spearmen (3 new poses)

In other news, we regret that Hydra Miniatures will not be attending this year’s Gen Con due to prior obligations. However, we wanted to hold a “Sizzlin’ Summer Sale” since we won’t be in attending the con. All Hydra products (excluding new releases) are 20% off. In addition, MiniaturicuM paint racks and Rattrap Productions rulebooks are 15% off. The Sale runs from Tuesday, July 31st until Tuesday August 7th approximately midnight EST.

Thanks again for your continued support!

  • Daniel36

    That is one awesome advertisement!!

  • lordofexcess

    Their range is really cool. Anyone know what he metal comp of their figs is? I couldn’t find that on their page (sent them an email on it) but wondered if anyone happened to know of the top of their head? The reason I ask … small children in the house … strict zero lead policy … :/

  • Thanks for your compliments. All of our models are cast in lead-free pewter. Some of our larger rockets, saurian idol and the Aqualops have resin components to reduce weight and cost.

  • Cherno

    The advertising pic is just.. weird in an awesome way 😀