Hydra Miniatures Announces War Rocket “Pirate Clan” Contest

Hydra Miniatures is holding its first contest in which they ask the fans to create their own pirate clan:

From their website:

Attention, Pirate Lords!
The vast universe is filled with numerous bands of marauding space pirates. Each of these space pirate fleets is unique and led by an infamous individual who has proven themselves to be skilled and “honorable” to the pirate code. Hydra Miniatures is asking its fans to contribute to the world of War Rocket by designing a Space Pirate clan. The winning fiction and images will be used in the upcoming Space Pirate PDF for War Rocket.

You need to submit both a Written Background and a Painted Rocket Photo.
-The written background must be no longer than 250 words and must include the name of the pirate clan, the name of its leader, their color scheme and symbol, a brief history, and favorite rocket customizations.
-In addition to the written background, submit a photo of a Space Pirate rocket painted in your clan’s colors. If you don’t have any Space Pirate miniatures, you can also paint any official War Rocket fleet as a captured rocket in your clan’s colors. Please use a white background.

-Only one entry per person
-Submit your entry to hydraminiatures@yahoo.com with the subject line PIRATE CLAN SUBMISSION
-Submissions, including background fiction and photos, become property of Hydra Miniatures and can be used in future products.
-Include your name and shipping address in your submission (this information will not be shared and will only be used if you win).
-Contest runs from January 10, 2012, to January 28, 2012.

First Place wins one Space Pirate class 4 and two Space Pirate class 3s
Second Place wins one Space Pirate class 4 and one Space Pirate class 3
Third Place wins one Space Pirate class 4