Huzzah! 2011 Viking Dawn! club challenge

The Maine Historical Wargamers Association are pleased to announce that the Wargames Factory featured game for Huzzah! 2011 will be the Viking Dawn! club challenge event.

From their announcement:

Viking Dawn is our club invitational miniatures game for Huzzah! 2011, so come join the fun. Up to ten clubs from outside Maine will form an alliance and storm ashore with their Viking raiders to sack, pillage, and plunder our fair Saxon village. The Maine clubs will gather the brave scattered Saxon defenders to turn them back. Prizes will be available for those clubs meeting certain victory conditions, as well as points towards the Huzzah! Helm (this is the club participation award, currently on display at The Hobby Bunker, engraved with BGB’s 2010 win!).

Tony Reidy and Wargames Factory are sponsoring the event. Each club will be given the equivalent of two boxes of Vikings, from which to assemble and paint their units and command figures. They then bring the troops to Maine for Huzzah! and play in the game. At the end of the weekend, they keep the figures.

In addition to the game, there will be a painting competition with prizes awarded for the following honors:

  • Best Painted Unit
  • Best Painted Leader or Champion
  • Best Conversion
  • Best Painted Ship

Clubs who plan to attend Huzzah! and want to get involved in Viking Dawn should email

Historical Wargaming Convention for New England
May 13-15th, 2011
Portland, Maine