Hotz Mats Weathered Felt Roads

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Dec 7th, 2011

Hotz Mats now offers weathered felt roads:

From their announcement:

We had a number of customers request weathered roads because they felt our current line of felt roads were too new looking. We now have weathered roads available, although due to the heavy volume of Christmas orders were are receiving at this time, these are not currently listed in our purchasing pages. To purchase, just send us a price request to: [email protected]

Our felt road systems are inexpensive and give you a lot of product. With our 6mm roadway set, you get 27 feet of roads (2 inch wide); our 25mm roadway set No.5 gives you over 33 feet of roads (6 inches wide). Both scales of felt road are available as weathered roadways.

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  • Johnny English

    Another very nice looking product.

  • Johnny English

    On second thoughts, no, looks poor quality.

  • They’re meant to look like worn out roads. We also make new looking roads as well.

  • Osbad

    Are there any UK distributors of Hotz mats? Postage from the US is prohibitive.

  • We looked into a UK distributor, but didn’t have much luck.

    Recently I spoke with a friend of mine who lives and works in London (he just moved there about 5 months ago). He works for a company that regularly imports from North America using containers. He was going to look into the possibility to handle distribution — I will do a follow up on this and see if it is possible.