• keltheos

    Maybe it’s there will be another 25 novels before they hit the Earth fight…loving the series if nothing else for the window into the 40k universe (the stories and writing are hit and miss), but dragging it out is killing me. GW, please don’t turn this into the albatross Robert Jordan’s series became.

  • Dave

    I’m actually on the side, I would rather they stretch it out. They still haven’t touched 12 of the legions, and we were promised info on what became of either the 2nd or 11th.

    “Into the fire of war”, that’s one word off from the Salamanders battle cry. Maybe they’ll get some love? The picture looks like a sun over a desert oasis/jungle.

  • A little Salamanders background and finally what happened on Istvaan V and I’m happy 🙂