Hobby World goes Hollywood

By Polar_Bear
In Board Games
May 20th, 2014

Hobby World has launched their latest Kickstarter campaign. Hollywood is a game where you’re in the producer’s and director’s chairs and need to make the greatest blockbuster movie of them all.



From the campaign:

Hollywood is a board game for 2-6 players and it plays in about 30 minutes! You will pick the most talented actors at drafting, win superstars contracts at auctions and create award-winning blockbusters. Our game is easy to play for newcomers but offers enough depth to satisfy board game veterans.

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  • Soulfinger

    So I am earnestly curious, is there anyone who saw this and thought, “That looks great! I’m going to pledge!” I can see it funding, no problem, because I imagine the typical player to be someone who’d buy “Scene It?” or “Battle of the Sexes” at the local big box store. This is certainly in that . . . price range.

    I’m curious though if I have it wrong, if among the bespectacled intelligentsia of the gaming community there is some segment that logs in to complain about WH40K prices but pauses to say, “Now that looks like a game that ‘offers enough depth to satisfy board game veterans’ like me. I can’t wait to pick talented actors and win superstar contracts at auction! The cover in no way gave me the mistaken impression that this is about shooting porn.” Do people buy games like this because they are very enthusiastic about Hollywood in the same way that someone would buy FF’s “Deadwood” because they like cowboys?

    • grimbergen

      This one is not like the typical startup KS for a totally new product, but funding an english printing (or reprint?) of a game that’s already good some good reviews. The main difference though, is that the original russian version had caricature artwork based on actual hollywood stars through the eras. Naturally that wouldn’t work out for the US market so they have some generic characters now.