HMS Exeter, First New Ship for Victory at Sea from Mongoose Publishing

Mongoose Publishing is pleased to announce their first new ship for Victory at Sea, the HMS Exeter.

From the release:

We are very proud to be able to show off the first of the new 1/1800 Victory at Sea ships – HMS Exeter!

These models are the product of Sandrine Thirache, who has been toiling for more than 18 months now, researching the warships of World War II (with the ever-present help of our Official Naval Boffins), locating accurate deck plans, and then using all of that to build lovely 3D models of each vessel.

Planet Mongoose has the full story!

  • Heble


  • MongooseMatt

    If you are at SELWG next week, you can Have!

  • Grindar

    I’m digging the new ships. But the scale and speed of scheduled releases has me on the fence, only things that match it seem to be axis and allies prepaints?

  • MongooseMatt

    With regards to scheduled releases, all we have announced are the box sets – there will be many more single ships appearing in that same time frame. You are going to be able to build big fleets quickly!