HML Leviathan miniature photos

By tgn_admin
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Mar 30th, 2011

Catalyst Game Labs have posted photos of assembled test casts of one of the miniatures for their Leviathans VSF air combat game.

HML Leviathans Bow photo

  • n815e

    Looks very nice.

  • Cergorach

    That is looking more then a little awesome! I’m seriously curious what’ll be in the basic game box and if expansions will also be in plastic (which I hope).

    • Zac

      I suspect that all of the figures will be plastic. Something of that size in metal would be quite heavy and quite expensive.

    • Konteradmiral


      As well as the rules, maps, counters etc, the box will come with 8 plastic Leviathans – 2 sky destroyers (type I), 1 light aerial cruiser (type II) and one leviathan-class (type IV) for each of the British and French sky fleets. The mini pictured is the British Type IV, HML Leviathan

  • Grim6

    Looks interesting, and assuming the starter box will be reasonably priced, I’ll probably pick it up.

    I wish they had taken more time to put them together better for the pics, however. I know they say the seams will be improved, and I take it from the discussion that these will be sold pre-assembled, but I can’t help but see them and wonder how much of that will show up in the final version.

    • Zac

      My understanding is that these were assembled at the factory. These are test casts and some more are being shipped to Catalyst who are, I assume again, going to be doing better photos and better assembly.

  • Any idea what scale this is? What class is that thing (destroyer, cruiser, battleship?)

    • Konteradmiral

      Approximately 1:1200 scale; the above is the largest class of leviathan – the Type IV, or aerial battleship.

    • Not sure if it helps, but it’s about 13 cm long.

  • Brant

    Seriously cannot wait for this, I had a good time playing the beta at Gencon last year.

  • Lord Abaddon of Wormwood

    This is my kind of Flying Ship – got a good hint of 80’s Japanese Cartoon vibe without loosing the seriousness of it all.

    Are there going to be flyers – planes/fighters?

    Lord Abaddon of Wormwood

  • scarletsquig

    Nice looking model but prepainted = not buying.

    Every single prepainted model I’ve ever bought, the company that made them has gone bust, and the game has died.

    Had my fingers burnt way too many times to ever consider buying prepaints ever again.

    • Zac

      Nice looking model but prepainted = not buying.

      They aren’t pre-painted. They are basecoated and I think they might have a wash but I am not 100% certain.

      • That certainly sounds pre-painted to me! 🙂

        • evernevermore (John)

          Thats a much more acceptable prepaint to me than the rather poor paintjobs on AT-43 or D&D minis

  • Ray Rivers

    The game seems to be coming along as I expected.


  • abbysdad

    Fantastic! I had wondered about this game.

  • ZombieBites

    glad these will be pre-painted, can only paint so many minis. I still have miniatures from 7 years ago unpainted. Grumble.