• Nemesis

    It’s really woth having a quick visit on GW France (euros) website and comparing them with the actual SM heroes… Then comparing the prices… ^^

  • Nemesis

    I meant “worth” and Finecast Space Marine heroes… Sorry for the typos

  • KelRiever

    I think they look great for what they are. The price doesn’t look so great to me. And my main problem is why would you buy a miniatures that can basically be used for only one game (40k) if the state of the game itself is in disarray. Until they improve, by a monolithic proportion, the rules for 40k, I am non-plussed by all the sculpts that can be used for the game…even if they are nice and don’t come from Games Workshop.

  • jedijon

    Are those the same wings from Ex Illis – or merely indistinguishable?

    • Zac

      I’d be surprised if anyone was using plastic wings to create resin casts.