Hitech Miniature releases Archfather Lionheart

Hitech Miniatures announces their first release of the year Archfather Lionheart.

From their announcement:

Archfather LionHeart …available 01.01.2012 in our shop.

This is a high quality resin miniature, which comes unpainted and requires assembly.

  • What is the theme of this miniature? I see inspiration from a ton of places but the total concept put together just looks…misplaced.

    Not quite for sure what the goal of this mini was.

  • redbranch

    I assume it’s supposed to be the Lion el’Johnson (sp), Primarch of the Dark Angels Space Marine legion, er I mean chapter.

    • Oh, well, having zero background information about the 40k universe left me wondering what the heck…

  • Looks like it can go with just about any gothic Sci-Fi game out there.

    Great looking minis,