Hi-Tech Miniatures releases Megatherion

Hi-tech Miniatures has released the Bio-Tech Covenant – Gearcult.

From their website:

Bio-Tech Covenant – Gearcult

MEGATHERION – “Voivod” pattern

Heavy War Walker

This is high quality resin miniature, which comes unpainted and for smooth assemble model ;basic modelling skills required

Multipart 28mm scale (scale doesn’t mean size !!!) miniature

60mm round base included

1) 2x mechanical feet 2) 2x leg plates 3) 4x mechanical thighs 4) 4x connectors for thighs 5) body with pilot 6) left heavy shoulder 7) right heavy shoulder 8) 2x connectors for shoulders 9) Heavy Gatling Gun 10) Lacerator with flamer 11) 5x blades for lacerator 12) 60mm round base

  • surprize

    Nice looking sculpt, but I am always really confused by companies selling miniatures off the back of CAD renders. I’m not buying the render I am buying the render translated into model form and cast, and there are two critical and tricky parts of the process missing when you just see the picture. You can make a CAD drawing or a green of anything, it doesn’t mean the model is castable to the same standard. I’ve been stung before buying 2-3 part metal/resin 28mm human sized models based on pictures of the greens where the quality of the mini is not as high as the sculpt, so I am doubly cautious about CAD pictures.

    I would NEVER buy a model based solely on a CAD render, apart from maybe if it had lots of favourable and trustworthy reviews from customers.

    Or am I just an old git who’s out of touch with technology?

    • Hi Surprize – you are a bit of an old git! 😉 But it’s a valid point and really depends on the company and what they’re able to achieve. If someone consistently shows renders and the finals are very close to that standard, you should have a pretty high degree of confidence (i.e. like buying a plastic or metal set from the Perrys when all you’ve seen are 3-ups or greens)

      One thing here did make me go “hmmm” which is the statement that this is 28mm “scale” – I don’t know what that means? 28mm is not a scale, but a subjective description of the height of a human figure (possibly to the eyes, possibly to the top of the head, possibly wearing heels…)

      A scale is taking a subject and shrinking it by a specific %. Most 28mm sized figures are 1/56 scale. So for this walker – if in “real” life it was 5 meters tall – if you scaled it to be compatible with 28mm sized figures it would end up being EXACTLY 89.28571mm tall at 1/56th scale.

  • admanb

    oh snap



  • lapis2

    to me this is a pretty stupid looking model. why would an engineer design what is essentially a mech and leave the pilot totally exposed? This would be the most easily defeated thing on the battlefield. not to mention it just looks like a bad riff on a dreadnought. they make some other stuff that looks great but this is a huge fail imo.

  • Hitech Miniatures

    Apart from the positive and negative aspects of speech, I would refer only to the opinion Surprise Because it is very important … all the pictures he can see arenas Youy NOT CAD renders … this is really existed, resin model photographed in my studio. In fact we do not use 3D printing, for now:)