Heroes of Metro City up on Kickstarter

By Polar_Bear
In Card Games
Sep 5th, 2012

Heroes of Metro City is a new deck-building game up on Kickstarter looking for funding.
Lately I’ve been playing a bunch of deck-building games. I’ve really come to like them.

From the campaign:Each player represents a super-powered Hero of their own design who must stop their Archenemy’s nefarious plan to destroy Metro City. To succeed, the Heroes must do battle with hordes of Minions, diabolical Villains, and the Archenemy who leads them! The more Energy and Powers a Hero develops, the closer they get to defeating their Archenemy. But time is running out! For every moment the Heroes delay, the forces of evil destroy more of the city the Heroes are trying to save.

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  • estrus

    Is a “deck building” game any different than a game like say, Magic:tG? It’s the only one I’m familiar with from way back when and just got burned out.

    • Polar_Bear

      Very different, actually.

      In “Deck Building” games, players start out with a small, basic deck that’s just like all the other players. They then use those cards to buy (via various ways, depending on the game in question) other cards to add to their deck. These cards come from a central play area that all other players have access to. So as the game progresses, you build your personal deck from the collective of cards. Different games have different ways of scoring the winner, of course, but most involve having gotten the most victory points worth of cards from either what you’ve purchased or (in stuff like Ascension or Thunderstone: Advance) monsters you’ve defeated during the game.

      As mentioned above, I’ve been playing a lot of Deck Building games since I was first exposed to them this year at GenCon. I’ve played Dominion, Ascension and Thunderstone: Advance, of which my personal favorite is Ascension.

  • estrus

    That DOES seem fun-er. Thanks for the detailed response! I’ll check em out.

    • Polar_Bear

      It’s a blast and most are pretty quick to play (like a half-hour per game) so you can get in several games each night. And since not all the same cards are always available at the same time, they’ve all got very high replay value.

      I’m planning on playing some Ascension tonight, actually, and have ordered more of it from their website: http://ascensiongame.com/ (not a paid endorsement, I just love the game a lot)