Heroes of Feonora print and play boardgame

Josh & Lisa Graye have released a print and play version of their Heroes of Feonora boardgame.

Heroes of Feonora

From their announcement:

A project by Josh & Lisa Graye that started in 2007. The Goal: To create a story-driven cooperative RPG Board Game that players could make at home, using supplies and components they already have. In May of 2010 the first publicly available game set was released to the community as a free, downloadable PDF Pack. Heroes of Feonora is now available as a print-and-play style game with a homemade theme. Gameplay focuses on blending traditional roleplaying elements with the pacing and accessibility of a board game.

The opening chapter finds the party running amok in the town of Villageton, earning money, purchasing supplies, hiring companions and preparing for the dangerous journey ahead. Players will have to work together to survive the Adventure and complete the Story…but in the end only one will earn the glorious “Hero Award.”


  • Bountiful roleplaying opportunities
  • Custom (player created) characters that persist through many Adventures, and slowly improve over time
  • An eclectic mix of dice-based mini-games
  • Numerous side quests, and other surprises, waiting to disrupt & influence the outcome