HeroClix Lord of the Rings Preview

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Oct 6th, 2011

HeroClix has posted a new preview for their Lord of the Rings game, Gandalf the Grey.

From their website:

Today we continue our Lord of the Rings previews with a wizard that goes by many names; the Grey Pilgrim, Mithrandir, and Stormcrow to name a few. We are pleased to present none other than Gandalf the Grey!

Gandalf the Grey begins play leading your Fellowship into battle thanks to front-loaded Running Shot. As he manuevers for a ranged combat attack, pay close attention to Gandalf’s teammates’ positions as well; Gandalf the Grey can also use Telekinesis early-dial and careful positioning will maximize your overall effectiveness as Gandalf moves figures where they’ll do you the most good!

Early-dial Leadership helps you optimize your actions every turn, and mid-dial Gandalf’s Servant of the Secret Fire special power is especially useful! Servant of the Secret Fire allows Gandalf to use both Outwit and Perplex normally, and if you give Gandalf a power action, he can use Outwit a second time during your turn!

Gandalf the Grey also gains Pulse Wave mid-dial as he wields the Fire of Arnor against the enemies of the Free Peoples, while late-dial Quake and Exploit Weakness demonstrates Gandalf’s effectiveness in close combat as well!

Initially Gandalf the Grey enjoys protection from attacks thanks to Super Senses, which then gives way to mid-dial Energy Shield/Deflection. Late-dial, Gandalf displays his more durable and powerful self thanks to Invulnerability.

Rounding out Gandalf the Grey’s impressive combat values and power selection is his Epic ability. You Shall Not Pass! allows Gandalf the Grey to essentially “draw a line in the sand” on the battle map and potentially stop opposing figures from crossing! Talk about battleground control!

Lastly, with an 8 range value and the Indomitable ability, Gandalf the Grey is a superlative addition to your force at only 155 points! Add him to your Fellowship and watch the servants of the Lidless Eye flee from his wizardly might!

That’s all we have for today, but join us again next week as we continue spotlighting your favoroite characters from Lord of the Rings, and be sure to join us tomorrow as we begin our official Incredible Hulk previews! Until then, keep your clix off their K.O.’s!

  • tuco

    I thought GW had the rights to miniature games based on the Tolkien IP.

  • Nightbee

    Aren’t there distinct licenses for the LotR movies and LotR books? I think GW has the former, and this looks to be the latter.

  • keltheos

    Might be licenses for certain types of products as well. GW has the metal/plastic minis license while Sabertooth had the ‘customizable minis’ license which has long expired. That might be the distinction here, what type of miniatures game it is.

  • cybogoblin

    I thought the GW licence was for both properties, allowing them to make miniatures for things that existed outside of the movies, like the White Council taking down The Necromancer.

    Either way, this is going to be interesting, especially once GW starts releasing models for The Hobbit in just over a year’s time.

  • unihead

    And the winner of the Totally Inappropriate Graphic Design for the Theme Award goes to …

    • Haibane

      Heheh – yeah they haven’t exactly gone out of their way to make it feel tolkienesque have they? Looks bloody disgraceful – you’d think they’d treat the IP with a little more respect than that…

    • Veritas

      Those truly are horrible graphics to pair with Lord of the Rings. The only part that looks good is what I’m guessing is the faction symbol: that little twisty vine with the leaves. Other than that it looks too much like graphics I would expect from a near future military game or something.

  • This is Galdalf anyway…No IP trespassing. 😀

    At least he’s not Galstaff, sorcerer of light.

    Slight typo in the first sentence.

    Interesting in that Heroclix is pumping out the games.

  • Mooniac

    Wizkids may be back, but where is the evidence they won’t pull their old fast buck tricks? If a game looks like it might make it, they stuff the traditional gamer channels and then start selling through discounters willing to buy sell at prices less than the LGS cost. The games die in popularity because the stores stop stocking. They ditch any product without support at the first sign of slowing sales.

    Love Trek, Love LOTR, won’t be buying them from WK. Taking offers for orphaned clix games gathering dust in closet.

  • Osbad

    I’m with the chap who said that the graphic design totally doesn’t fit the theme. The graphic design is all “Tron” and high sci-fi. Which just doesn’t give off a Middle-earth vibe at all.

    The model itself is nice enough, in an unassuming way.

  • Sejanus

    LOTR Tron style..woohoo Gandalf on a lightcycle perhaps?