HeroClix Brightest Day preview

WizKids have posted a preview of the Aquaman figure from the upcoming Brightest Day set for DC HeroClix.

From their website:

This time around, I thought I’d visit a personal favorite; he’s the King of the Seas, the Monarch of Atlantis, and one snappy dresser (what? Orange is the new black, haven’t you heard?): Aquaman. (click on the image below)

Aquaman is back and he’s ready to mete out some justice on behalf of the seas. First off, let’s look at that Trait: The Undead Sea certainly will have your opponent’s thinking twice when you pair Aquaman with other figures with the Atlantis Keyword on your force. The ability to deal 2 Damage in response to one of your figures being K.O.’ed is a great asset, and worked correctly, could be devastating to your opponents’ forces.