Heresy Dragon available for pre-order

DragonHeresy Miniatures are now taking pre-orders for their finished Dragon miniature.

From their website:
At last the Dragon is finished. It took almost two years but Andy slaved and pushed through the mental walls. He sculpted thousands of individual scales over and over again as changes and improvements were layered one over the other. At times he felt like giving up and clawing his own eyes out to make sure he would never have to face looking at the Dragon again. But in the end, he triumphed.
As of November 19th 2010, the Dragon is in the hands of the talented Mr Ian Brumby of Fenris Games, awaiting moulding and casting in resin. The wings are so thin and large that it requires specialist rigid rubber moulds and expensive resin materials that can deliver quality and sturdiness to this most technically tricky area. But in the next fortnight or so, the first test castings will be in the hands of us here at Heresy. At last.

All the dragons we produce will be sent out to customers on a first-come, first-served basis, with those of you who have paid for your Dragons in full being sent them in order of date final payment was made.

At the time of writing it is expected that it will take at least two months just to fill the initial waiting list of 82 dragons, so when you pay for your Dragon please expect to be waiting several weeks before you receive it. We will inform you by email when your dragon has been posted.