Heresy add sci-fi troopers and sniper to pre-order page

Heresy Miniatures is now accepting pre-orders for their 28mm Sci-Fi Troopers and their Gang Sniper.


From their website:

Troopers Pack 1
This initial release contains separate bodies, arms and heads. I will be redoing the mould to make the heads part of the body and the arms also, where possible; having painted these up I feel I should eliminate the Faff factor for people with aims on big armies. Unitl then I will be offering these figures at a great price.

4 figures per pack, 4 separate bodies, 8 heads, 4 rifle arms

Buy 1 Pack for £10, or 4 or more packs at £7.50 a pack – that’s less than £2.00 a figure for metal figures.

Note: This pack won’t be around as is for too long, only until I make the alternate versions of the 4 figures.

HSF030 Smoking Sentry sculpted by Andy Foster
Silent and deadly. And not in a euphemistic way.

1 figure per pack, Separate head, left arm, left hand. Supplied with one random pistol sprue. £3.00 each