Hell Dorado Zaxan miniature preview

By tgn_admin
In Fantasy
Jun 27th, 2011

The Cipher Studios forum has a thread with photos of painted and unpainted samples of the Hell Dorado Zaxan Demon figure.


  • Vaxillus

    Not sure how I feel about the tiger stripes, but it’s otherwise very impressive!

    • I agree, the tiger stripes really break up the lines of the model and make it hard to see the detail. If you go to their site you can see the green and take in the detail a lot better.

  • Veritas

    Given the eye on his shoulder guard and that ridiculously huge weapon, I think this here demon has acquired Soul Edge. Anyone know if this concept was done by the original team before moving to Cipher? This model’s styling makes me think it was infected by bits of Anima Tactics.

    • Morf

      Funny how changing the owner just adds a whole new context to the model. As far as I know it is the same creative team from the concept to execution and paintjob. Agreed – the paintjob and pictures don’t do the magnificent green the justice.

      • Veritas

        To be fair, I thought the Dopplesoldner champ and the Djinn both looked like the original team’s work. This guy’s big weapon and shoulder guard just look amine inspired to me. I think if they didn’t paint the model so garrishly and left eye of the guard I’d probably feel better about it. But then again, if they didn’t do a wacky paint job the demon would probably look a lot like a Squamata and confuse people. Maybe this guy is supposed to be a Squamata that has gone back to the dark side?

      • That weapon would be amusingly oversized no matter who made it. I sense the ghost of Chronopia past has spread beyond Privateer…

  • Veritas

    *left eye of the guard = left the eye off the guard

  • SirAngry

    The green shows off the detail really nicely, and I don’t mind the paint job too much. Just waiting on the rulebook then I can start trying to get people interested in the game again as without a rulebook etc. it’s very hard to convince people round by me its not going to go the way of the dodo!!!