Hell Dorado: Inferno Preview from Cipher Studios

Cipher Studios posted up a preview of what they’ve got coming out for Hell Dorado: Inferno.

From the preview:

Here at Cipher, We are very excited to see all of our work of the last year begin to culminate into Hell Dorado: Inferno. Today I have previews for the new stuff we’ll be releasing this month, along with a special concept for models we’re going to be seeing in the new book!

  • jedijon

    Hmm, Ben Moshe isn’t new. I guess it’ll be a blend of old and new then!

  • papasmrf667

    Isaia is awesome, whats the state of this game, I thought there was no english version?

    • There is, indeed, an English version (I just did a review of it for Issue #4 of Ravage magazine, on shelves now!).

  • Sisyphus

    Flamers look like something belonging to Menoth in Warmachine.

    • I do prefer a couple of steelhead flamers 😛 Too bad they will be of a smaller scale

  • blkdymnd

    Only one of four are new.

  • Yes, to help spread the releases out, some new items were released with the first English translation, which in turn, put some of the older stuff into the up-coming expansion.

    There will be plenty of new things in the expansion, new fluff- including background on the factions and new models as well as some of the things that you know about, like the three above.

    Hell Dorado is alive and kicking. I suggest you check it out if you haven’t yet.

    As a side note and to be as forthcoming as possible, I’m a playtester and have done some editing for readability on the main book.

    • mathieu

      Alive yes, but the kicks are probably nervous responses to the life support the game has been on for the past couple of years. The “news” are few and far between with seldom actual news, very few game stores actually have blisters on their shelves, and there is no online community to speak of any longer… I guess lack of communication, and extremely slow release schedule are not that great to maintain a reasonably successful game afloat. Who knew… Not mentioning the appalling casting quality of the incredible HD sculpts: after two replacements and the claim from their head caster that “he couldn’t see what was wrong with my pieces”, I gave up on trying to obtain a decent Zaaxan (and my other purchases were far from the quality of the original pieces…).

      I’m thankful Cipher resurrected the game, I really am, and I do realize that without them the game would be dead. But I’ve been going from frustration to frustration with just about everything they’ve done thus far.

  • Shades

    For anyone in the Northern Virginia area, Hell Dorado is one of the games featured at Demo Day this Saturday, October 13th, at Victory Comics in Falls Church, Virginia.