Hell Dorado Husaym al Din preview

Cipher Studios have posted a preview of the Hell Dorado Husaym al Din miniature.

Husaym al Din

From their announcement:

This sacred spirit, imbued with the power of Allah, wields magical blades that mean certain death for his enemies.

Husaym al Din is the newest addition to the Saracens faction. Bursting from his 40 mm base, Husaym al Din goes toe-to-toe with the likes of Bran Carnoth and can cleave a rider and mount in twain with a swipe of his blades.This is the second figure to developed exclusively by Cipher Studios and will be coming out in March.

Husaym al Din was illustrated by Bertrand Benoit. Sculpting and Painting by Thomas David.

  • blkdymnd

    Pretty good model. I think it lacks some detail that Asmodee would have probably put into it, but it’s a very workable model for the game. Doesn’t make me want to go back to Saracens, but not horrible.

  • Lobo82

    Well, it doesn’t appeal to me at all, it’s too symmetrical to the point of looking quite silly with those huge blades sticking out to the sides.

    So, after Augustinus Raimond – a medieval version of Starcraft Marine – we get a genie too much on the cartoonish side. Now, I half expect some anime-ish catgirl subfaction for the Lost …

    I’m starting to think that Asmodee made a wise decision after all, ditching Hell Dorado before concepts of new releases started to become too silly.

    • Nightbee

      It’s not as if the Asmodee releases got sillier as time went along. At least not in my opinion. It just seems like a bit of convoluted reasoning that you’re engaging in here.

      • Lobo82

        I didn’t say that Asmodee realeases became sillier as time went, I said that Asmodee dropped Hell Dorado BEFORE they became that way 🙂

        Take for example Raimond mentioned above – his concept was reportedly made back in Asmodee times, as Wersterner faction was intended to adapt visually to their stay in Hell.

        According to that logic, I imagine more and more of Westerner units would end up looking like some generic fantasy warriors (like Terran Marine-ish Augustinus) instead of being just ordinary soldiers during Thirty Years War. Well, ordinary soldiers who just happen to be campaigning in Hell, which is precisely the idea that drew me to the game.

    • BoosterX

      That model just screams “Weeessstside!” Could have called it a cheer letter… Give me a W…

  • Maybe its just the concept art, but stylistically, it shares a lot in common with their Anima line. I think we’re just going to have to accept the fact that Asmodee’s artists aren’t working on this line anymore and that the art and artists we recognize from Cipher and Anima Tactics are what we should expect from here on out.

    I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing. There are some great Anima Tactics minis. There were some terrible Hell Dorado minis, too. It’s going to be a challenge for Cipher to capture the distinctive style that the original Hell Dorado line had, but I don’t think its necessarily a quality issue.

    I’m not a fan of this particular miniature, but I’m not going to judge Cipher’s Hell Dorado on a single miniature, either.

  • Toqtamish

    That model is amazing. Wow.

  • The Hell Dorado artists and sculptors are the original team from Asmodee. The development teams for Hell Dorado and Anima Tactics are separate.

  • Lobo82

    On Cipher forums there is a group photo, showing the genie accompanied by several Saracen models and two Damned Ones – I gotta admit, it looks much better there, less out of place than in the preview.

  • Jens

    I like him and he is on the more “fantasy’-side, but he fits well with the other miniatures of HD – the coloration makes him stick out and I’m not too keen about that. Bertrand Benoit and Thomas David were responsible for pretty much all other Saracens models – it’s still the same artists.

    • blkdymnd

      Well regardless of who it is, it is still a step down in detail. I hope it returns to the great detailed models they were more known for.

    • He’s a Djinni. I’m fine with it having a more fantasy look.

      Really, I don’t understand a lot of distaste for this model. Talented painters are going to have a field day with it.

  • MadNes

    I like it quite a bit. Once the rules come out in english I think I’m going to give the araby themed army a go.

  • treslibras

    I think this mini works quite well, and I don´t know where much more details should have gone here.

  • angora

    I think he’s great too. The bottom half of the minis is a very close match to the style of Saladin. I initially wasn’t overfond of the swords but am growing to like them more as I look more. As far as detail goes I think it’s fine. As treslibras wrote I don’t quite see what more could have been detailed other than a bit of cool jewelery maybe. I think a different paintjob would help enormously.
    The angle those two swords sit at will also be vital to the overall look of the mini in the flesh.

    • blkdymnd

      My comment of detail is the overall model, not just shiny things. The model is a bit flat on the muscle tone, the flamey stuff, even the swords are a bit flat and uninteresting. I would just like to have seen a bit more on a model that doesn’t have a lot for the eyes to peruse.

  • angora

    I’ve been told there are runes all over his back so that may help a bit.

  • Mahrdol

    I think the Anima style photo doesn’t help sell the mini. I don’t like the fluorescent green on the photo or the blue background.

    I like the mini but a more classical DnD type jinni would have fit better.
    I find a lot of the warmachine/hordes models not exciting but a lot of other players love them so I guess it all comes down to personal taste.

    • Zac

      I think the Anima style photo doesn’t help sell the mini

      I agree. Its difficult to see the detail of the figure and the paint job when it is that size. I wish they would just show the fig and show the concept art and do it in two images so you can see each clearly.

  • Morf

    Same Hell Dorado concept artist. Check.
    Same sculptor and painter. Check.

    And yet everybody sees Anima Tactics in it.
    If PP bought Hell Dorado, would everybody be saying the Djinn has too much of a Skorne Vibe and if GW did the same, would you say Raimondus is too much of a Chaos Knight.
    I’m sensing a dark side of a major bias 🙂

    *all things said, I agree the picture background doesn’t help.

    • Nightbee

      I think those are better comparisons, actually. Those are the first things I thought of when seeing these miniatures.

      Not in love with either of the two new models, but I think it’s just a coincidence that they are the first to come out under Cipher.

    • mathieu

      And yet everybody sees Anima Tactics in it.

      “Everybody” being one person on this news.

      I like the model. I agree with blkdymnd that it lacks a bit of the fine details the rest of the line had in abundance, but that won’t prevent me from buying it.

  • As noted on Cipher’s new Hell Dorado forum, better pics available here: