Heer 46 Coelian Panther Flak turret

Heer 46 have started their series of post 1945 WWII German vehicle kits and upgrades with the Coelian Panther Flak turret.

Coelian Panther Flak turret

From their announcement:

i want to show you my new blog of the Heer46 . I am going to be producing some post WWII 15mm models. The focus will be on the vehicles and tanks of the Wehrmacht that were slated to be built after 1945. This will include tanks that have existed only on paper or in prototype form. You can purchase the turret from Denis by visiting his blog. This could be very cool for weird war type encounters.

My first pieces is the Coelian Flak Turret. You can take it on a Battelfront panther. The next project is an Bergetiger/Ladungsträger turret.