Heavy Gear Arena pre-order

Dream Pod 9 are taking pre-orders for their Heavy Gear Arena game.

From their website:

Dream Pod 9’s New Heavy Gear Arena Game is at the printers right now and due back next week. The Heavy Gear Arena Core Rules 112 Full Color pages softcover (DP9-9187c, $45.00), Duelist Weapons Upgrade Pack (DP9-9196, $20.00), Gladiator Two Pack (DP9-9197, $20.00) and Boa Pack (DP9-9198, $20.00) miniatures, Sponsor Decals Pack (DP9-9193, $6.00), Heavy Gear Arena Logo Patch 8″ wide with velcro backing (DP9-9205, $12.00) and Heavy Gear Arena T-Shirt (Small to XLarge for $15 and XXL to XXXXL for $20.00) are now available for Pre-Order on the Dream Pod 9 Online Store and will start shipping next Friday, November 26th. 

The Heavy Gear Arena Two Player Starter Kit box including small 5.5″ x 8.5″ b&w version of the Heavy Gear Arena Core Rules 112 pages softcover, 4 Hired Guns Duelist Miniatures (Grizzly, Hunter XMG, Black Mamba & Dart Jager), 4 six sided dice and a measuring tape (DP9-9210, $65.00), The Jarak Twins Hired Guns Grizzly & Hunter XMG Pack (DP9-9210, $30.00) and Yang Jownz & Emili Royal Hired Guns Black Mamba & DartJager Pack (DP9-9203, $20.00) miniatures are also available for Pre-Order now and will start shipping on December 10th.