Head Honcho Board Game Up On Kickstarter

As Tears for Fears told us, everybody wants to rule the world. Or at the very least, we’d all love to be in charge of our own, little, world and be our own bosses. That’s just what you’re trying to do in Head Honcho, a new board game that’s up on Kickstarter now and looking for some funding love.

In the game, players are working to amass as much stock as they can. The player with the most on a given turn is the boss. Any decisions that have to be made are made by that player. But you gotta be careful, because you’re probably not going to be the boss forever, and if you make bad decisions that hurt your fellow players too badly, if they become boss, you’re certainly not going to be getting a fair shake from them in return.

The campaign’s up on Kickstarter now and is set to run for another 44 days.


  • kustimork

    A roll and move game with 1 backer is news? What’s more funny is they think they will be able to produce 100 expansions for it, lol.

    • Head Honcho

      When this news release came out the kickstarter project was the first day. Im not sure what you mean by being able to produce 100 expansion packs. We have worked hard to create this game and it has play tested very well with people other than those who created it. Yes, we are new to this and have a alot to learn, but give a guy a chance.

      • kustimork

        You have a listing that 50 people can back that produces 2 customized expansion packs each. That’s a possible 100 expansion packs you might have to design and ship for this product. Hey I wish you luck that’s quit the promise. 😉