Hawk Wargames previews new ships for Dropzone Commander

By TGN Ross
In News
Apr 30th, 2012

Hawk Wargames posts up some new previews of their warships for Dropzone Commander on their Facebook Page. Check it out!

  • Haibane

    I don’t know – looking at these and the earlier images, there just seems something ‘wrong’ with these designs. I mean, the level of detail is there (esp for such a small scale!) and they’ve been superbly painted, but most of them don’t look quite right to me – there’s just something awkward about them that I can’t quite put my finger on.

    Probably a matter of personal preference though since I saw a lot of positive comments. I do like the Neptune dropship – very sleek 🙂

  • Grindar

    To me it’s some of the sculpts’ studio paintjobs (especially the first 2) with the harsh color differences on the detail lining made the shadows more extreme than they seem like they should be. For instance the black lines all around the cannon on the first one. Though I am looking forward to seeing how the rest of this line comes together, looks very interesting.

  • clutch

    No complaints here. I think they look amazing. Don’t forget that these are 10mm models and that at that scale some tings will need to be different and unique to create dynamic silhouettes that people will be able to recognize with or without paint. This is by far the one new thing I am looking forward to getting in my hands this year.

  • laager50

    Love the last one, just wonder the cost.
    No four looks more like a civilian Liner than a drop ship.

    • I think you’ll find numbers 3 and 4 are the same ship, one loaded up, the other empty. 🙂

  • They look fantastic to me, can’t wait to order a bundle.

  • Durandal

    Hmm, I think the Neptune class looks superb and without a cockpit I think it will make a great transport/gunship for 15mm games. 10cm long should look good enough to carry a few small teams in to combat.

    Those walkers look great too. Hmm, may even have to look in to this game just on its own.

  • pancake ss

    Love the look of the minis, they looked even better at salute. Hope the rules do them justice.