Hawk Wargames previews 4 dropships

Hawk Wargames gives us 4 previews for the price of one today with a heavy dropship for each faction.

And a little extra bit of news from them:

Site going live tomorrow afternoon- very excited! Will be working through the night on extra content. In the meantime, here’s FOUR previews!

  • TomasT

    I really like some of these…
    Can’t wait for an actual presentation of the game. 🙂

  • Gallahad

    Hawk Wargames has done an excellent job of creating buzz about their game pre-launch. The stream of previews has been never ending, and the ship designs feel very original (with some exceptions) and fresh.

    I hope they have an excellent launch.

  • Haibane

    Their site is now up and available for pre-orders. Looks like some peoples’ wallets are going on a diet ^^

  • Ballentyne

    Very interesting…. a good scale for large battles and… yeah… reasonably priced I think. Damn! I want some!!