• Smokestack

    Yeah these look really nice… But unfortunately that probably means I will have to drop out of an existing kick starter…

  • Huscarle

    Nice figure & very versatile, looks like he will be a nice addition to any Conquistadores or sword & buckler men, or even a RPG adventurer.

  • puster

    I hope they keep the breatplate in check. If the belly gets too elaborated, they will not be usefull for conquistadores, as that style only popped up in the late 16th century.

    Not an issue if you want to use it for fantasy settings of course, but why waste that double use just for the armour style.

    Looking at their greens, they might also go a bit over the top with the shoulders. Definitely a project to watch. I need forces for the Spanish army in Italy, Flanders and for the battles in the mediterran area, from Algier to Malta.