Haste Games announces Kickstarter start date

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Mar 21st, 2014

Haste Games announced the start date for their The Empire Kickstarter campaign.


From the announcement:

‘The Empire’ Kickstarter Date Announced – March 23th, 2014

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  • puster
  • Veritas

    Biggest dud of a launch I’ve ever seen from a CMoN backed Kickstarter.

    • Veritas

      N/m. I thought I saw CMoN was producer on this. Apparently not.

      • Soulfinger

        CMoN is the US distributor.

        Nonetheless, it’s fairly hard to get excited about more “unique medieval fantasy game” proxies for Warhammer, although the title makes it hard to tell what faction they are intended for. The sculpts look nice (at least well painted), the price is alright, but making Fantasy Empire stuff is like rolling out another brand of toilet paper. It’s a flush market. Nobody gives a . . . but then again, more gamers buy the former than the latter. Just a shame to see such obvious talent invested in this, when KS has been a successful platform for so many truly original projects (over 2mil for Kingdom Death).

        I tried to find out more about the company from their website, so . . . yeah, now I know for sure what their logo looks like. From the subtitling and S&H rates, I’m assuming these anonymous video game designers are based out of Spain, which is one of many trivia tidbits that I shouldn’t have to dig for when considering a pledge.

        • grimbergen

          Thanks for doing the legwork on the company for me.

          The other problem is, there are already a few good pseudo-historical medieval lines out there that are much more dynamic and interesting, such as ex-illis (though now defunct but still easily obtainable) or that other line that’s been posting the gothic templar knights stuff lately.

          • Soulfinger

            I think “now defunct” pretty much sums up the market. Most of these start-ups aren’t competing with GW, Privateer Press, or Mantic. They are competing with the clearance bins overflowing with top-notch figures from defunct manufacturers who were once just as starry-eyed and full of hope. Just yesterday, I spent $20 on 26 fantasy figures, all brand new and still in the boxes they were packaged in back around 2006.