Hasslefree shipping delays

Hasslefree Miniatures has reported delays and missing parcels due to continued problems with overseas shipping from the UK.

From their website:

We are still running about a week behind with shipping orders. Any orders placed between now and the 10th May will probably not ship until the 11th May, sorry for any inconveniences caused. Our permanent staff is still off sick, however temporary staff cover is now regular but subject to costs we can only afford to employ for a certain amount of hours per week.

Customers overseas are still experiencing delays with their parcels. This has been primarily caused by the Icelandic Volcano, the ash from which suspended all airmail services for a week mid April. This has caused a backlog in the depots although Royal Mail did try to still send overseas orders albeit by sea. Royal Mail will not acknowledge that they have lost any orders ( even if they obviously have) until it has been 28 days from posting. They also don’t want you to know that a lot of UK mail has been affected and to all intents and purposes vanished into some huge hole somewhere. We do obtain proof of posting for the majority of our orders. So far about 20% of all orders posted during the mid two weeks of April have simply ‘vanished’. If you have not received an order please can you contact us using the email sallyAThasslefreeminiaturesDOTcoDOTuk.