Hasslefree release new World of Twilight Beasts

Hasslefree Miniatures have added new World of Twilight Beast miniature to their online store.


From their announcement:

The World of Twilight has always had a number of peculiar beasts and I wanted to flesh that out a bit more! Hasslefree have just released these two new beasts for the range.

HFTWGB001 Yirnak (£6)
The hairy Yirnak are a common sight in all the lands around the Setir mountains. These hardy beasts have thick furs that protect them from even the coldest of Delgon winters. They have been domesticated by many clans of the Empire, but it is the Dhogu who have developed a particularly close bond and it is rare to see a band of Dhogu without several heavily laden Yirnak in tow.

HFTWDB003 Kosok (£6)
The Kosok are patient hunters, soaring high above the plains of Anyaral and surveying the lands with their sharp eyes. They then fall upon their prey with astonishing speed, using their sharp claws and beak to inflict crippling wounds. A small number of brave young Devanu will risk the perilous climbs to steal eggs from the barely accessible kosok nests so that they might train the hatchlings to obey their commands.