Hasslefree online store to close temporarily

Hasslefree Miniatures will be temporarily closing their online store.

From their website:

Salute for us (well me in particular is exhausting) so we had planned to close for the week following Salute anyway but our recent staffing issues have meant that we need to prepare for both Triples (Sheffield 17th & 18th April) and Salute (London 24th April). Throw into this mix the children’s Easter vacation from school which is Friday 2nd April until Monday 19th April and the fact that Kate has no definite return date and it could get pretty messy with me as the main casualty. The easiest way for us cope and make sure our standards don’t drop is to plan a closure for the webshop. Orders will still be processed but there will be no guarantee that they will ship until we re-open. Retailers of course will still be carrying full stocks and their re-stock orders will still ship to order.

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