Hasslefree Miniatures posts up new model photos

By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy
Mar 27th, 2012

Hasslefree Miniatures has put up a bunch of new model photos on their Facebook page. Go have a look-see.

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  • supervike

    That Hasslefree dude sure can sculpt!

  • Piston Honda

    Best part of this mini is the face. Not too many miniatures have well sculpted faces.

    Either lack any form of facial expression or sculptors do too much on such a small scale where the faces look cartoonish.

  • mweaver

    There are some nice figures in the pipeline. May soon be time for another Hasslefree order (which in my experience have indeed always been hassle free).

  • KelRiever

    I really like Hasselfree. just wish I could find more of an excuse to use their figures.

  • thanks guys!

  • Good lord – IT’S MY MOM! With a sword…

  • ‘efficient’ mums dont need swords…..just a glance is enough!

    • antenociti

      ‘efficient’ mums dont need swords…..just a glance is enough!

      if only that worked every time

  • McRockin

    Beautiful sculpt, would make a lovely believable N/PC