Hasslefree Miniatures Asks to Name that Ogre

Hasslefree Miniatures asks help to name a new miniature they will release:

From their post:

We got a present from America this week in the form of a nice generic (lol!) Ogre. Big thanks to Bill Thornhill who i am sure wont want any cash for him if i plug Musketeer Miniatures for him!

Anyhow, Kev has based him and we spoke to Grey Matter figures about getting him cast in a luverly greeny/grey/yellowy resin before we chop him up to make him castable in metal. But now we need to name him, winning choice gets a free casting.

We were originally just going to run the competition on the FOD (http://forum-of-doom.com/index.php?topic=15753) and on our Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/HF.Minis.are.the.best) but as some of the suggestions were so funny we thought we would open up the fun to a wider audience.

Usual rules apply. Everything is time/dated stamped. The 4 best choices from each place will go into a poll and the readers will decide. I do however reserve all rights to change my mind ( i am female after all) and go with the funniest option. My decision is final, no arguments or quibbles or i shall make a decision that perhaps you are tired and need to go to bed for an early night and wake up with a better attitude in the morning ( sorry, mummy hat slipped on then……). You have until Grey Matter give us the first batch of castings (hopefully 1 week) to state your choice below.

Toy soldiers shouldnt always be serious!

  • Lucas Blackwolf

    “Whad’ya mean ‘what’s that meowing comming out of me bag’?!” “Need a pair of boots?”

    Hocus Poke’m

    Bagem Macewell Esq.

    Ogre Mike of the Mire

    Green Mike of the Mire

    Long John Walker

  • Lucas Blackwolf

    Sorry, the first quote should read “Whad’ya mean ‘what’s that meowing comming out of me bag’?!” (hits the bag with the stick) “Need a pair of boots?”

    The thing ignored text in between > and <

  • Myrthe

    He looks happy that he found one of those uber-rare wood stick thingies !!!!

    • Myrthe

      Gotta love the random, blind packaging of those Bag of Holding booster packs !!

  • phoenixman

    ERGO (the Ogre) is my suggestion as i think they are stupid and probably cant read that well

  • Er, isnt it Shrek?

    • Ghost

      I believe that’s what the “generic (lol!)” is alluding to.

  • Dogier

    His name is Shriek, it rhymes with geek.

  • scarletsquig


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