Hasslefree Miniatures 11th Birthday Sale

Hasslefree Miniatures turns 11 years old today! *gets out the cake and party hats and throws a party*
They grow up so fast!
Anyway, while they’re having the party, you get the presents. For today, only, you can save 11% off your order on their website with the coupon code: HAPPY11


From the party animals:

Today is Hasslefree’s 11th Birthday!

We weren’t going to have a January sale due to the extended goodie bag promotion at the end of last year but you can’t let a Birthday go by, so for roughly the next 24hrs use the code ‘HAPPY11’ and get 11% off your order

The left hand mini is one of HF’s first, Mjolnir Haxelfrei (painted by Jenova) and the right hand mini is one of Kev’s newest, Levon (painted by Roman ‘Jarhead’ Lappat).

  • mweaver

    Happy birthday, gang! Keep up the excellent work. -MW

  • 4tonmantis

    Haha, wow a Jenova piece!I remember Headblast being a big name back in the day. Always wondered what happened to that crew. Did they turn into Hasslefree?

    Hate that I had to pass on this. HF has so many models that I’d love to have but the timing couldn’t be worse for me :/