Harsh Realities releases Invasion of the Fourth Reich

By Polar_Bear
In Alternate History
Dec 11th, 2013
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Harsh Realities has released Invasion of the Fourth Reich using the Sixcess rules system.


From the release:

They came from a clear sky, without warning. Black parachutes floating serenely from a sky devoid of aircraft.

It was the last serene day we’d ever experience.

We were invaded, from another dimension, by Nazis! Invaders from a universe where the Nazis didn’t lose WWII.

The Invasion of the Fourth Reich mini-setting / adventure provides the setup for a one-shot, short series or ongoing campaign in a world invaded by Nazis from another dimension.

The setting is the Core World (the Earth you live in) with dimensional portals allowing travel to and from Erde – the Earth ruled by the German Fourth Reich.

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  • Riquende

    If they didn’t lose WW2, how are they the 4th Reich?