Happy New Year, everyone!

By Polar_Bear
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Jan 1st, 2014

Hey there kids,

Happy New Year!

I’m spending the day away from the news desk today. Updates will return again tomorrow.

You’ll want to stay tuned to TGN this year. We’ve got a lot of things planned for the site, from a facelift to more home-made content and more contests and giveaways.

Speaking of contests and giveaways, I’ve got some stuff on my desk that I need to clear off so I can make room for new things to give out. So be on the lookout later this week for ways you can win, well… a little bit of everything, from promo figures to reviewed games to slightly dinged and dented things from the warehouse. They can’t sell ’em, so that means you get ’em for free!

To start things off, actually, list your gaming resolutions for the new year in the comments and one lucky winner will get… something. I don’t know what yet. I’ll figure it out when I get back to the office tomorrow. :p

Happy new year, again and may 2014 be filled with nothing but fun and gaming!

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  • Kiskispal

    My main gaining resolution is to experiment more with basing. Drybrushed sand and static grass looks great but I want to start 7TV and All Quiet on the Martian Front this year, which means tiled floors and debris-strewn dirt roads and bombed out houses. Already produced one great tile effect by stretching a fine mesh from supermarket vegetables over some putty and pressing down!

  • Darsc Zacal

    My New Years Resolution for 2014 is to paint more than I did in 2013… Which basically means painting something, anything, as I didn’t actually paint anything at all this past year.

    Got a lot of games and minis this past year: Zombicide, Sedition Wars, Deadzone, Reaper, Stonehaven, etc, etc. Plus everything I already have in my decades old hoard. Time to get some paint slapped on things. 😉

  • Ghool

    My resolution is to paint all of the figures in Myth once it arrives.
    Oh, and finally finish off the commissions a couple guys are waiting on. 😛

  • Captain Kellen

    My resolution is to blog at least once a month, play in one more blood bowl tournament then last year, win one season in our local BB league, and build/paint at least one more BB team. I might even try some 40K in the corner… maybe… long shot… out in left field… might…


  • GavinSyme

    Enjoy your day off. I intend to try and get a few days off this year too!

    Happy Wargaming Everyone!


  • wormwoode

    I hereby resolve to actually play Ogre. Not just haul it around in the Ogre delivery device that used to be called “my car”, or idly glance at it as I stroll past the Ogre-storage stand that used to be a fully functional coffee table.

    I also resolve to never again buy a game that weighs more than my son.

  • mrgrigson

    My resolutions:

    1) Finish painting starter forces for two different games. Warmachine will be one of them.

    2) Start playing a game that I’ve already purchased. Aiming for 7TV or Infinity.

    3) Do something on a tabletop that makes people go “Wow!” for a reason other than being incredibly stupid.

  • Hello friends, Happy New Year 🙂

    Personal projects ?
    Finishing painting Zombicide, starting SedWars.
    Updating a Tyranid army.
    I’ll be glad if I can do all this.

  • estrus

    Moving into my new house mind January and FINALLY getting a REAL and permanent mini painting workspace!

    I hereby decree 2014 will see me CONQUERING THE LEAD (and plastic and resin and bones) MOUNTAIN!!

  • As others have said:
    1. Blog more
    2. Paint more and meet my 11+1 painting challenge, as I haven’t done it in two years. Simple enough: 12 minis in a year.
    3. Make a cool laboratory, secrete lair, spaceship game board.
    4. Make new friends playing fun and new games

  • Grindar

    I resolve to paint my dropzone commander stuff!

  • Haibane

    Jump into less Kickstarters? ^^

  • smithmed87

    my resolution is to paint up the rest of my trollbloods. Then I have a bunch of tasty kingdom death and rackham figures that I’ve been dreaming of painting for months.

  • Majesti

    Solemn resolutions for this year in gaming? Finish painting “Super Dungeon Explore”, up my Warmachine/Hordes playlevel, and dive recklessly into Relic Knights upon release.

  • jawmonkey

    1:play more, I spend too much time getting ready to game and not enough gaming. Or at least it seems like it. It’s getting better though as my kids get older and can start playing real games (like Super Dungeon Explore).

    2: build more board games, discovering print-on-demand board game publishers may be my downfall. two down in 2013 (Tabula Pasta and Ray Gun Roulette), here’s to hoping I can quadruple that number! I’ll make like a $1 and change if I ever sell one, but its just so cool to see your own projects printed up like the real thing.

    3: get the nerd cave more presentable, it’s not bad, but it would be nice to have the family stuff stored somewhere else and on shelves, not piles.

    4: paint more, it’s scary how one painting commission can make someone not paint for months.

    5: Just have fun!

  • My resolution for 2014 is to make The Esoteric Order of Gamers one the most popular destinations on the internet for those who love immersive, thematic tabletop games. Not much to ask of myself then! 🙂

    Happy new year fellow gamers!

  • JEC

    Actually paint and assemble all of the minis I have and have coming in 2014. I have to stay away from Kickstarter. Next year is gonna be a deluge of minis from Robotech, Bones II and a of couple others. I’d also like to spend some time using them and not just putting them together.

  • maroonldr

    I’m going to be realistic and resolve to buy way more things than I can actually paint this year in systems and scales that I think is cool but I don’t know anyone who plays them.

  • Myrthe

    I’m looking forward to getting my Wild West Exodus stuff to play an entirely new game / genre for me.

    My 2014 Hobby Resolutions:
    1) Game More
    2) Kickstarter Less
    3) Finish at least ONE project completely !!

    • Kiskispal

      I think a lot of people would echo this. I’ve got 3 Kickstarters coming to me this year and on paper there’s another 5 painting projects I’d like to start (and perhaps finish cos all but 1 are skirmish games). But I seriously doubt I’ll play more than a couple of games all year! Love painting and planning. But playing’d be nice too…

  • Gallahad

    My resolution is to paint have at least five solid SoBH warbands painted up by the end of the year. I’ve got a good start on two, so finishing up those two and adding three more might just be doable.

  • Gallahad

    My resolution is to have at least five solid SoBH warbands painted up by the end of the year. I’ve got a good start on two, so finishing up those two and adding three more might just be doable.

  • ravensworth

    My Resolutions for 2014
    1. Play More games with my wife. I am fortunate to have a wargaming wife and need to encourage her more and complain less about losing to her.
    2. Play more of my favorite older games. They were favorites for a reason and deserve to have the dust removed.
    3. Paint a new army to game with. I do this each year but this year did not finish my Napoleonic Austrians So I will Finish the Austrians and paint Guards armored British for Flames of War and Bolt Action.
    4. Get someone new involved in tabletop gaming. Being an ambassador for my hobby is important to me.
    Best Regards.
    A.J. Franke

  • ennui

    1) get my kickstarted game out to the backers earlier than estimated.
    2) finish my 15mm scifi army.
    3) paint everything I have.
    4) more terrain!

  • disasterwargamer

    1) play heroclix more with my son – though the Legion Figures will help get me more interested
    2) get back to painting my ACW, Crimean War, AWI and other horse and musket historical figures
    3) Dust off my old Ogre/GEV stuff and decide if it is time for an upgrade

  • tenzrackus

    1) finish off my 15mm Teutonic Knights for Impetus and start my late Romans.
    2) Work on my airbrushing techniques
    3) Have more games of Goal System:Delves
    4) Start up the Basement Motive blog again
    5) introduce my two young girls to the wonders of this hobby



    • gaspasser09

      My New Year’s resolution is to spend more time painting and playing. I also want to add more cool games to my collection. I’m looking forward to Mars attacks and also completing a collection of dead zone.

  • darkendlight

    1) Game more
    2) Paint up kickstarter mini

    • darkendlight

      I almost forgot.
      3) Figure out how to thin paint for Airbrush
      4) Figure out how to use Airbrush (maybe one of the prizes will be lessons on how to use an Airbrush).

  • Disgruntled Goat

    I resolve not to buy into anymore miniatures games until I paint up what I already own.

    I also resolve to eat my weight in 5 Guys burgers this year.

    One of those is achievable.

  • Nosaj Verush

    Paint two Uncharted Seas Fleets!

  • My gaming resolutions are to to film some intro and tutorial videos for some of my favorite Impact! miniatures games to help make them even more accessible to anyone who wants to learn and play them.

    Also I have a village of Gnomes to paint from Stonehaven miniatures.

  • PAINT. MORE. Seriously. I need to clear out my to be painted pile.

  • Deadman5150

    Better manage my Warmachine/Hordes faction ADD. I will pick two factions and get everything painted for those two factions. And get my Blackwater Gulch stuff painted up too.

  • Alex Dingle

    I resolve to see a painting project through to completion, and avoid getting distracted by new hotness at the 60% stage. Again

  • Deeman

    Paint more and buy less.

  • Davegotsu

    1) Become more involved in the hobby by blogging, contributing to online discussions and playing more!

    2) Continue to paint everyday for at least 15mins. Amazing how much stuff I’ve gotten done doing that.

  • tankcommander

    To be a better husband to my wife
    To be a loving father to my children
    To be a caring son for my parents
    To have no mercy on the tabletop
    Play like I have a pair
    Go on a diet

  • Paint my Combined models and another starter force for Infinity.
    Pant some larger scale kits.

  • fuzzyguy

    Paint and complete at least one model a week, and play at least 2 games a week.

  • thedpll

    New Year’s Painting Resolutions
    1) No new miniatures until at least some of existing ones are done. I will use a painting point system to measure progress and reward myself.
    2) No Kickstarters
    3) Start a blog
    4) No Kickstarters
    5) Maintain a tidier painting table
    6) And I cannot emphasis this enough – NO KICKSTARTERS!

  • any news one what you will be giving away now that you are back in the office for one of these comments? 🙂

  • Nyterayne

    I want to return to tabletop gaming…hopefully either a modern day minis game or space combat. Been away a long time…