Happy Holidays from TGN

I think that I can speak for Grant as well as myself when I wish everyone here a Happy Holiday and a safe a relaxing festive season. Its been a busy year here and I’d like to thank a few people for all of their contributions.

First off is Grant Hill. Not only does Grant help wrangle the reviews (and write quite a few) for TGN but he is also the more sensible half of the editorial team here and helps keep my more wild ideas sensibly grounded.

Next is John-Paul Brisigotti and the team at Battlefront who stepped in and offered to host this site when my previous hosting solution went south. John-Paul is fronting the bills to host TGN and has not asked for anything in return other than my continued posting of news and reviews.

I should also mentioned Randall Bills and David Stansel-Garner from Catalyst Game Labs who also offered to host the site. Ultimately I took JP up on his offer as it was a dedicated machine hosting only TGN. This turns out to have been a smart decision as I then spent the better part of a week with the staff at my new ISP attempting to determine why the server was crashing every five minutes 🙂 Randall and David dodged a bullet as I probably would have been taking down any number of CGL related websites at the same time and probably annoying a lot of people to no end 🙂 Their offer and their support are much appreciated though.

Finally I’d like to thank all the people who read the site, post comments and even send in comments to me directly via email. I’ve said it before but it bears mentioning, this site is as much yours as it is mine (and Grant’s). You feedback, contributions and comments help guide this site and make it what it is.

I’ll be spending the next few days dealing with excited twin girls (who have already wreaked havoc with the Xmas tree) as well as writing up the winners for the Editor’s Choice Awards. I hope to have those posted in the next few days.

Thanks again and I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and gets to spend some relaxing time with family and friends.