Happy Gaming Holiday!

By Polar_Bear
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Dec 25th, 2014

Alright, so it’s the season of giving.

So, what gaming gifts did you give and also, what gaming gifts did you get?

I got a new Kitchenaid mixer.
How does that relate to gaming?
Well, for several years, I brought cookies to GenCon (about 16 dozen every year, to be precise). But my previous mixer is gone and I never had a chance to replace it. So that means cookies for GenCon again!

But that’s me, what’d you get?

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  • ravensworth

    I got D&D 5th Ed DMG, 122 new paints, A new airbrush and compressor and too many minis to count. NOW I did not get all of this on Christmas day. We do Christmas in July AND December So DMG in December and 122 paints.

  • Kiskispal

    I got four lovely figs from Crooked Dice from a friend and – stretching a point a tad – Xmas eve my 2nd wave finally arrived from the All Quiet on the Martian Front Kick Starter so I got my Land Ironclad!

  • Roughneck

    I made an Extreme Karchev for one friend, converted a Bronzeback Titan into a Warden Monstrosity for another and converted Dozer & Smigg into a Monstrosity for a 3rd friend, as well as getting them each an SDE Relic Knights figure. I got my Rue Morgue Zombicide box in time for Christmas, so that’s excellent!

  • Zobmie

    Drill bits, a set of Needle Files, a Foldio lightbox, and a tripod. Tools of the mini building/painting trade!

  • I got the latest edition of Formula D and a bunch of Legos. I also got my first wave of the Dreadball Extrreme Kickstarter, so I’m good!