Happy 35th Birthday Laserburn – Special Birthday Offers

By Polar_Bear
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Aug 6th, 2015

When I was born, I was 40. So in one way that makes me older than most of the minis games out there. In another, I’m still younger than some. Actual-years wise, I’m not quite as old as Laserburn. It’s cool to hear about minis that’ve been around that long. So a big happy birthday to Laserburn! To celebrate, 15mm.co.uk is having a special sale.

V008 Variants free

During the month of August, people who make orders for Laserburn minis over in the 15mm.co.uk store can get some free figures added on. What free minis you get scales with what you buy. The more you get, the more free minis you get. Certain orders are also eligible for free shipping. That’s like a bonus heaped on top of another bonus, heaped on top of another bonus and so forth and so on.

So if you’re into some classic sci-fi figures, go check ’em out.


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