Hab Dome’s ready to ship from The Ion Age

By Polar_Bear
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Oct 15th, 2013

The Ion Age has stacks and stacks of Hab Domes ready to head out. They won’t last long, so if you want to get in on their special deal they’re running for them, you’d best hurry.


From the update:

Sometimes things happen that make me smile so much that I like to share. Last week such a thing occurred at The Ion Age and it was all to do with the Early Supporter Offers on the Hab Dome designed by Sam Croes.

Our first Early Supporter Offer was so successful that it went way beyond my own modest expectations and it proved the love that wargamers are starting to develop for our feisty little brand. Customers from all over came in to get their hands on the Dome with its special price and free miniatures. This included other brands like ourselves (thanks Mr Harold!). Here you can see a photo of the stacks of domes all ready to be boxed up and shipped out of Scotland on Thursday this week.

The offer is still live and valid until release day on Thursday 17th.

Full story on the Ion Age Blog.

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  • Ive seen these up close.. very nice models.. good casting too.

    • GavinSyme

      Thanks Terragnosis, we valued your expert input with the prototypes of the Hab Dome and best of luck with your great Kickstarter which is already half way funded. Sulpher rules!


  • Sejanus

    Too bad they are for 15mm